Wildlife in May

A few years ago I made a series of short videos which were featured on the Reader’s Digest Magazine website, entitled Wildlife Monthly.  

Each month I produced 3 videos around a minute or more, detailing flora and fauna (mainly fauna) for you to look out for; be it in your garden, local park / reserve or further afield.

Below I have included the videos from my May edition(s).


(apologies for the dodgy voice-overs)

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Day 12 – 30 Days Wild



For the RSPB, people have recently been sharing a few frog faces on social media, seen any? Well, it’s in aid of a new TV advert and campaign, starting today!  Hopefully it will encourage those who have watched it; to get together where they live and give nature the home it needs – and rightfully deserves 🙂

I thought I would join in and do a Frog Face, for today’s 30 Days Wild! 😛

I stuffed my face with apple and widened  my eyes

I stuffed my face with apple and widened my eyes

You may be happy to know it’s also a competition – to take these amusing selfies! 😀  To find out more and on how to take part, click here: #FrogFace

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