Wildlife in August

A lot of birds are quieting down now, but Yellowhammers 🐤 are continuing to sing away!  Plus this is another great month for seeing some beautiful Butterflies! 🦋 

(The videos below were made a few years ago)

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Day 16 – 30 Days Wild

Enthuse About Nature


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16

I was at the Birmingham N.E.C yesterday and today – as a member of Press – to report on BBC Gardeners’ World Live (but my focus was on the wild side of it).

I interviewed a number of interesting people (the interviews haven’t all been edited together yet) and in the video below, I have taken a selection of clips from the interviews; showing gardeners – from all walks of life – enthusing about nature:

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Day 12 – 30 Days Wild

“Follow a bumblebee” 


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12After work, I decided to go for a nice stroll with a colleague and friend, Sophie.  We sauntered around the semi-rural outskirts of Northfield Town Centre (in South Birmingham).

Before we got to the location Sophie had in mind, literally just a few yards from where we work, we noticed beside the path (there is a grass verge) was a patch of Bird’s-foot-Trefoil.  I informed Sophie it is also know as Eggs and Bacon.  We saw some bees buzzing around it, so we observed and followed them from flower to flower.

I took a short video:

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Day 6 – 30 Days Wild

Green Birmingham

Finally!  I’ve managed a blog on the actually day!  Well it’s night now, but you know what I mean! 😄


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06The weather was gorgeous today – so on my way back from my parents, I decided to film a stretch of road I grew up near (using my phone); showing off the fields, trees and farmland I used to explore and play around, thus showing how Green Birmingham is!  I still enjoy a good walk around there, passing from the Suburb into the Country, and there are parts of it still left to be explored by me. 💚

I love the Greenbelt in my feature image and my video below – if houses are ever built there, it would surely break my heart… 💔  Just the thought of it makes me extremely upset…  Anyway!  There’s a meadow, which you see a bit of (it has the Oak Tree almost in the middle) – I have seen a few of my first ever Butterflies in that very field!

I should also mention; the video features a bit of road I filmed last night too…


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Day 22 – 30 Days Wild

“Snap a picture of something blue”



A nice easy one today 🙂  I spent most of my day with my friend Laura at her Pet Store.  I’ve mentioned the shops’ unkempt Wildlife Garden in a previous Blog post, it’s where I took todays’ “something blue”.

The modest Forget-me-not.

The modest Forget-me-not.

I’ve heard Forget-me-nots being described as “a British staple” – they do seem quintessentially British 😉

The CavyNoodle Wildlife Garden.

The Sweet Peas are doing well in the CavyNoodle Wildlife Garden.

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Day 21 – 30 Days Wild

New Green Space

wpid-img_20150621_174434.jpg Longbridge, in South Birmingham – the birth place and former home of Rover – has a new High Street and Green Space!  It’s on the site of where the said factory used to be.  The River Rea that runs through the area has had a habitat and Green Space created around it, and it’s pretty much established and looking lush now! 😀

Today I explored it after purchasing Father’s Day gifts (with my trusty mobile to hand for snaps and clips).


The car park of the newly located Bournville College, with Green Space along side it, some of the old Rover site on the other side.

People and nature co-existing beautifully.

People and nature co-existing beautifully.

I saw a Grey Wagtail (which have some yellow feathers) down there to left of where the lad on the bike was.  The video below isn’t great but you can hear it calling 😛

The middle of the new Green Space, looking towards the chap on the bike.

The middle of the new Green Space, looking towards the chap on the bike.  This is the bridge you see in the distance.

Where this newly created habitat ends.

Where this newly created habitat ends.

I was really pleased that this new place is now a good feeding area for House Martins, there were quite a few wizzing and swooping around 🙂

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Day 18 – 30 Days Wild

What Caught My Eye 



For day 18, I decided I would take a picture of whatever caught my eye.  The first thing that did, was a lovely Green Shield Bug! 🙂

A Green Shield Bug perched on my parents livingroom window.

A Green Shield Bug perched on my parents livingroom window.

Later I went to visit my friend Laura’s pet shop, CavyNoodle Pets UK – in a village called Rubery.  The shop more or less has a Wildlife Garden out back, where various wildflowers pop up.  The Sweet Pea below, stood out to me.

I forgot how large Sweet Pea flowers and leaves grow.

This Sweet Pea is growing wild, so its’ flowers and leaves are larger than the cultivated varieties.

On the way back, I remembered the Shinning Cranesbill I passed on the walk down to Rubery was very red!  So on my way back up, I snapped a couple pictures.

It'd be really cool, if this whole path was lined with the red plants!

It’d be really cool, if this whole path was lined with red Shinning Cranesbill!

A closer view for you.

A closer view for you.

These particular plants are red in colour due to the dry weather – therefore are nutrient starved, shutting down/stopping chlorophyll production and going to seed quite early.  The remaining sugars in the leaves give it its’ red pigment.  In away, the sugars have caramelised 😀

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